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Welcome to our VF Purpose Day

“The World of Indra makes a world of difference for children/teens who need some extra support and guidance in life. We had the chance to get back to basics and work in the open air, learn some new skills, and enjoy a veryyyyy delicious lunch.”

“Last year for Community Day I spent my time volunteering at a community center focused on helping kids who need a bit more attention or help in life: The World of Indra. It was a large open space and teams were organized into smaller task forces such as gardening, nature cleaning, wood cutting, and for us – tile grouting ;) However another fulfilling aspect of the Community Day was meeting people from other VF teams and getting to know each other. Great way to build some company morale!”

Cheyenne De Clercq and Rachel Liou

“Cleaning the beach in the coastal city of De Haan was the perfect combination of voluntary work and teambuilding! Together with the enthusiastic coaches, the VF team helped to prepare the beach for the next summer season. It was really amazing to see how much waste we collected in one afternoon!”

Bram Heylen and Tim Van Duyse

“Anegria is a donkey shelter in Sint-Gillis-Waas, where neglected, abused and homeless donkeys can go for care and accommodation. I was very lucky to get the opportunity to go help these animals for one day. It was an amazing day, full of hard work but also a very truly rewarding day. The owners of this shelter are doing an amazing job, but they cannot do everything alone. Those animals absolutely deserved our help and support, even for a couple of hours, even for one day!”


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Each calendar year you can participate in 1 VF Purpose Day project. Choose your region and sign up for the project of your choosing. First come, first served!

When you’ve signed up successfully, you’ll receive a confirmation email. One week before your project takes place, you’ll receive a reminder email. Please consult this website again before heading to the project, in order to have all the latest updates.

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How to sign up?

Each calendar year you can participate in 1 VF Purpose Day project. Click the button below to find out more about the available projects. By clicking 'Details' you'll get more context and practical information. Choose 1 project and sign up.

Don't forget to request a Purpose Day absence in Workday. This day will show up on your payslip as a working day. In Workday this time off type is called ‘Community Service’.

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How does a project work?

The organiser's coordinator will welcome you. He or she will give an introduction and will explain the assignments of the day. After that, everyone goes to work. There will be coffee and lunch breaks.

The day will be concluded by a word of thanks from the organisation. Your colleagues, the organisation and you can reflect and look back on the activity.

Can I cancel my participation?

By subscribing to a project, you have committed yourself to participate. The organization itself is counting on your presence and help. Last minute cancellations may have a significant impact on the project. Don’t forget that you are also representing VF. That’s why we expect you to be present on the day of the project.

Still, if you do need to cancel, please contact Time4Society directly. Mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +32 15 285 409 and ask for Peter.

Can I change projects?

Due to practical reasons, we will consider your registration as final. If you do need to change projects, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What happens in case of bad weather?

Some projects take place outside. The organization will do everything in their power to foresee an alternative activity in case of bad weather conditions. However, this is not always possible. In that case, just accept that spending the day outside in less ideal conditions is also part of the experience.

Can I take pictures?

If you would like to take pictures, you can. First ask the local project coordinator for permission, out of respect for all those present. Never take photographs of children without explicit permission of the organisation.

Can I carpool or offer carpooling?

Carpooling is encouraged. When signing up for a project, you can specify whether you want to carpool and/or offer carpooling. In the list of participants, you can check which colleagues offer or request carpooling. You can see their email addresses, allowing everyone to make carpool arrangements.

Will my commuting costs be reimbursed?
Participation in the VF Purpose Days is not a business trip, but is considered as a normal working day. This implies that car mileage costs cannot be reimbursed as an expense. Commute by public transport will be reimbursed at 71.8% (De Lijn) or 75% (NMBS) of your cost (please provide your ticket to HR).